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Mike's Message

I have breathed the air in Ukraine. I have mingled with the people and heard, saw, and felt their pain. This Russian invasion has annihilated cities across Ukraine, causing more than 8 million refugees to flee the country. Parts of Ukraine are in desperate need of the most basic human needs: Food/Water/Medicine… (read more below)

First Mission To Ukraine

Compassion has set my heart towards this country. I just returned from my first venture into Ukraine (my 104th nation). We were able to bring in our first two semi-truck loads of food supplies during this time. This initial drop of 40 tons (80,000 pounds) of relief was amazing to witness firsthand.

We met with 8 key pastors in Odesa Ukraine (which suffered missile attacks as recently as yesterday, July 1st)) laying out the vision and plans for what we are going to DO in this war-torn nation. We are using the relief (food/medicine) as a platform to present the Gospel. If humanitarian efforts are not used as a platform to present the Gospel – then all we have done is help them die a little bit easier!

I am going back to Ukraine in a few weeks!


Bring in TWENTY-FIVE more semi-truck loads of food/medicine (1000 tons)

Conduct a series of crusades throughout Ukraine

Win ONE MILLION Ukrainians to Christ

Sow 100,000 books to the Ukrainian people

Conduct a mass crusade in Warsaw Poland (Nearly 3 million Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw).


It costs approximately $20,000 per semi-truck load of food/medicine. Needing $75,000 right now for this next venture into Ukraine, 2 more semi-truck loads of relief, and funds to make the first crusades happen.

If you would like to financially be part of this exciting, soul-winning/relief-providing effort, you can message me here on FB Messenger or contact me


Update From Mike Francen

Dear friend – I am excited to bring you an update on our mission/heart to reach the Ukrainian people.

My crusade director recently returned from Poland/Ukraine.  We stand firm in our conviction to win ONE MILLION Ukrainian people to Jesus.

Initially we had planned a mass-crusade in Warsaw Poland (partnering with an amazing church in El Paso TX) due to the fact that there are over one million Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw.  My crusade director discovered that the massive influx of Ukrainian refugees have been dispersed throughout the nation of Poland, that recently were in Warsaw.

With this new information we have revisited the Thrown-Room of Heaven and have a revised plan – one that I know will have an even greater and far-reaching impact on this harvest of the Ukrainian people.

There are numerous areas throughout Poland that have large communities of refugees.  WE NOW are going to conduct a series of crusades throughout Poland that have the largest number of Ukrainian refugees.  A number of these refugee camps have more than 100,000 people in need of food/medicine and the Gospel!


–  To conduct the first FIVE crusades in the five largest refugee camps AND bring in another FIVE semi-trucks of food/medicine.  Each crusade will have a price-tag of $15,000 per campaign.  Each semi-truck load of food/medicine will have a price-tag of $20,000 per semi.

– To conduct TWO crusades in Ukraine and bring in another two semi-trucks of food/medicine.  Total cost for these – $70,000.

– In addition to this ‘PHASE ONE’ we are looking into doing the same with crusades and food/medicine AND the Gospel in Moldova.  In this nation there are currently 500,000 Ukrainian refugees in Moldova.

Ukraine is in a more desperate place than ever since this ungodly war started.  Millions have fled Ukraine – hundreds of thousands killed – the people are desperate and WITHOUT HOPE!

We are more committed than EVER to win one million Ukrainians to Christ.  We are compelled to bring as much food/medicine/relief to these precious and desperate people.

We have feet on the ground in Poland and Ukraine – some amazing people that are sold-out and working with us!!!  After we complete PHASE ONE – we are excited to make an even greater harvest of souls in PHASE TWO!!!

In addition to this – we are believing to purchase a semi-truck that is converted into a rolling crusade stage.  The side folds down unveiling a full stage, sound system, lighting, generator, and all the essentials needed in this self-contained machine.  The cost of this unit is $300,000 USD.  The goal is to use this equipment to do 100 crusades across Ukraine and surrounding countries to reach one million Ukrainians for Christ.  If each crusade has attendance average on only 1,000 people – we will reach out goal of one million people.

THANK YOU for what you have already helped us to do in regards to brining food/medicine and meetings for our first trip to Ukraine!  It was a grand success.

WILL YOU HELP US?  Join us with the best you can send right now to help us win precious Ukrainian people to Jesus.

With A Passion For Souls,

Mike Francen

(You have my Cell # if you have any questions)





Odesa Ukraine - yesterday (July 1st) Odesa - where I was just at

Please join with us and IMPACT Ukraine

1-800-957-2304 For additional information or credit card donations

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